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'PLAeTnEr’. Test projection.
Objects for 'PLAeTnEr’. 



Audio/video installation. 'Klangkunst'. ZKM, Karlsruhe, Tyskland. 

Del af forskningsprojektet 'De Uhørte Avantgarder' 

Remix af værk af den danske avantgarde komponist, Jørgen Pleatner.

I samarbejde med Emil Alenius Boserup


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'PLAeTnEr’. The recordings. With Emil Alenius Boserup.
'PLAeTnEr’. The recordings. With Emil Alenius Boserup.


Year of origin: 2012

Projection mapped onto discarded parabole dish.

Stereo+mono audio.

Original composition: Jørgen Plaetner: 1965.

Audio tech: Emil Alenius Boserup.

'PLAeTnEr' is a remix of the electronic audio composition, 'SPOR 01' made by Danish electronic avantgarde composer, Jørgen Plaetner (1930-2002). It which was recorded at a live performance at POEX65 in 1965, and consists of a sequence of loops and amorphous audio-objects.


The remix adds an animated video sequence with a synchronized soundtrack to the original Plaetner audio piece, functioning as a counterpoint. The video and the soundtrack add form and poetic narrative to Plaetner's composition, as well as reinforces it by establishing moments andsequences of synchronicity between the elements in play.

The videoprojection on the large circular parabolic dish shows a delicate mess of objects in slow progression. The objects are out of mutual scale and devoid of function, and as such beyond general semantic categorisation.

Being mapped onto the parabolic dish the animation may be seen as an allusion to the process of exchanging information over a long distance,- such as a time span of 47 years.

'PLAeTnEr’. The recordings. With Emil Alenius Boserup.
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